After what I consider to be a major fail ( artist fumble with decent recovery ), I am proud to say that this week’s comic is by-far my best piece out of the CGI work I have done. Contrary to my previous pieces which I often wish were a little lighter, I actually wish this was a little darker, but that’s all said before I actually see on the web-page.

Larry has always been narrative conundrum for me. I know from a philosophical point of view that he is the premature, flipper-limbed, near miscarried brain child of J’s fever and puerile high school mind. From the practical-story point of view.. he’s a one armed, coke-addict, man-rabbit.


okay okay okay.. Straight-boys. Even “-ish”. Don’t even bother with logic or a reasonable answer to “but why”.. (Invariable answer being “because it’ll be cool!”)

So, in the Zombi-series I made a distinct decision not to make him part of the story I was involved with. But after making the leap into “The Foooooooooture!”. A 1000 rough years (even by drug addled man-bunny standards) later, he is the head-in-a-jar leader of humanity’s nemesis. the……..

Wait for it.. Wait for it….

Keep waiting for it. Because you won’t get to find out for a while.

So cobbling together a half dozen references ranging from the Emperor in Empire Strikes back, the ‘wizard’ of Oz, and mixing in some Futurama and Doctor Who, and we have new and improved (euphemistically speaking) Larry T Cobb.

It’s probably good money to bet on pickled Larry head mounted to the top of a giant robot body.

“Why?” you might ask…

because it’ll be cool!